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Miranda IM is a multi-network instant messenger for Windows. It is a very simple and plain messenger which allows you to add your accounts from the most popular IM services and use them all from within a single application.
Graphically, I would say it resembles ICQ. It even has a couple of ICQ icons here and there. The user interface consists of a main window, which holds your contacts. When you add an account (let's say MSN), the main window will be loaded with your MSN contacts, and when you add more, the same will happen. Unlike the official version of MSN, Miranda does not show any contact pictures by default. All you get is their contact name if they are online or e-mail address if they are offline. This is not entirely bad though. In keeping things simple, Miranda appeals to those who only want to grab a contact and chat. No pictures, no winks, no nothing.
Performance-wise, I noticed that Miranda struggled to load my contacts for the first time, taking up to a full minute to display my online contacts. And I don't even have that many. After I added and deleted accounts a couple of times, traces of my contacts were left on the main screen. Miranda supports MSN, AIM, ICQ, and a few more services. There is still no official support for Facebook or Twitter.
Version 0.8.8 has seen a lot of progress since version The application has gotten several bug fixes and enhancements. New update notification options have been added. The server list options when MSN is not logged-in are now disabled. The contact search in MSN has also been improved. And there have also been upgrades in authentication processes for most IM services.

José Fernández
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  • Support for most IM services
  • Lots of bugs have been fixed


  • Sluggish performance
  • Some bugs are still noticeable
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